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Membra Jesu nostri: queer cantatas

Our Membra Jesu nostri is a queer and trans-y reenactment of the devotional rhythms of this beautiful Medieval hymn, as set to music by Dietrich Buxtehude in 1680.


Inspired by the passionate embodied expressions of love in the Medieval hymn Salve mundi salutare, our queer cantatas bring new English words to Buxtehude’s setting of the hymn, and in so doing requeer a text that has sometimes been straightwashed.

A lament, an homage, and a hymn of praise, for all of us who have ever feared we were going to hell, because we had discovered heaven.


We’re so excited to share the chapbook of Luke’s Membra Jesu nostri, beautifully and lovingly made by Karen Schindler of Baseline Press, and featuring artwork by Melissa Marr.

One can feel the loving hand of the makers in this beautiful work.

The chapbook is available for purchase through Baseline Press, using the link below.

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