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ANIMA is co-stewarded by Daniel Cabena and Luke Hathaway. 


Dan is a singer — a countertenor — and a scholar; a teacher of music/voice and of the Alexander technique; and a passionate co-creator and commissioner of new musical/theatrical works. He also makes music with his hands, playing modern and Baroque violin and viola as well as vièle and recorders. You can learn more about Dan here:

Luke is a poet, librettist/lyricist, and performer, who collaborates with artists and ensembles near and far in the work of mythopoeic storytelling; he is particularly passionate about telling the trans and queer stories that are close to his heart. You can learn more about Luke here:

Dan and Luke work with an evolving host of collaborators, on a project-by-project basis, to bring ANIMAtions to life:


Guillaume Bernardi : workshop direction (Caeneus)

Lesley Emma Bouza : performance and workshopping (Caeneus, Membra Jesu nostri)

Richard Burrows : performance and workshopping (Caeneus)

The Cardinal Consort of Viols : performance (Membra Jesu nostri)

Colleen (Coco) Collins : sound engineering, production support, videography (Navré de ton dart)

Sheila Dietrich : performance and workshopping (The Temple, A Poor Passion)

Chris Fisher : performance and workshopping (Membra Jesu Nostri, A Poor Passion)

Aliayta Foon-Dancoes : performance and workshopping (Caeneus)

Paul Genyk-Berezowsky : performance, co-creation, workshopping, production support (Caeneus, The House of Our Pilgrimage, Navré de ton dart, Membra Jesu nostri)

Lilly Gutierrez : performance (Membra Jesu nostri)

Inter Arts Matrix : production support (A Poor Passion)

Daniel Lichti : performance and workshopping (The Temple, A Poor Passion)

Dante Macdonald : artwork, historical research, fact-checking (Caeneus)

Garth MacPhee : performance and musical adaptation (Membra Jesu nostri)

Melissa Marr : artwork (Membra Jesu nostri)

Terry McKenna : workshopping and co-creation (A Poor Passion, Navré de ton dart)

James McLennan : workshopping (A Poor Passion)

Joëlle Morton : performance (Membra Jesu nostri)

Jonathan Oldengarm : performance, production support (Membra Jesu nostri)

Juliet Palmer : performance and workshopping (Caeneus)

Henry Peirson : performance, workshopping, dramaturgy, and assistant-direction (A Poor Passion, Caeneus)

Tim Pyper : performance and musical consultation (A Poor Passion, The Temple)

Benton Roark : workshopping and performance (Caeneus)

James Rolfe : composition, score preparation, co-production, mentorship (Caeneus, The House of Our Pilgrimage, Membra Jesu nostri)

Anna Ronai : workshopping (A Poor Passion)

Karen Schindler / Baseline Press : publishing, book design, co-production (The Temple, Membra Jesu nostri)

Judith Souman : performance and co-creation (Membra Jesu nostri, Navré de ton dart)

Spiritus Ensemble : performance and co-production (The Temple)

Asitha Tennekoon : performance and workshopping (Caeneus)

Stephen Tok : performance and co-creation (The Lover and the Beloved)

Zachary Wadsworth : composition, musical consultation, score preparation (The Temple, A Poor Passion)

John Wiens : performance and co-creation (The Lover and the Beloved)

GaRRy Williams : performance, workshopping, dramaturgy, dramaturgical mentorship (Caeneus, Membra Jesu nostri, A Poor Passion)

James Wu : sound recording, videography (Membra Jesu nostri, Caeneus)

Claire Yurkovich : active listener (Caeneus), administrative support and project management (ongoing)

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